Thursday, July 19, 2012

We won 5280's Top of the Town, Best Doggie Daycare!

We are Editor's Choice for Top of the Town! They visited, they loved us, and we won! Woohoo!

We are so very proud that
5280 Magazine has recognized our dedication to our clients and their pups! We feel it's very important to provide a great service.

The fact that The Denver Magazine recognizes us by making us editor's choice for the best doggie daycare in Denver helps us know that our hard work is paying off.

5280 Magazine Blurb: Every time we step outside these days, there’s a new shop to browse, a new place to eat, a new business to visit. Denver’s entrepreneurial spirit is exploding, and all spring, we abandoned our desks in favor of scouting, tasting, sampling, and spending our lunch breaks (and midmorning breaks…and, OK, 3 p.m. breaks) in search of the Mile High City’s most fabulous stuff. We’re so pleased with what we’ve found in our fair city and beyond. We hope you are, too.


When your furry friend romps in an elevated turf outdoor play area, takes a dip in the pool to cool off, and comes home so tuckered out that dinner is the night’s final activity, you’ll understand why this daycare got its name right. U Lucky Dog lets puppy parents watch a live video feed as the pooches explore a 12,000-square-foot spread of indoor/outdoor space. The staff caters to each dog with midday meals and naps at your request. Besides having complete human attention all day, pups can also receive wellness treatments like nail clipping and teeth brushing. Bonus: The first day of daycare is free, and Buddy comes home fresh out of the bath. 4040 Fox St., 720-328-8179,